Bosendorfer Model 120 CL – The Upright Piano



Bösendorfer sound in our smallest size

There are many ways to enter into the world of upright pianos. One of the most beautiful is our Model 120 CL. This upright piano is considered to be the small brother of 130 CL, but “smaller”of course does not refer to quality. It has taken a great deal from its big brother: for instance the long keys and the classic console design. Compact in size, it uses the same construction principles as the larger model. The result is a piano with unique dimensions and a great, inspiring sound.

If you decide for the optional Sound Release System it ensures even more openness and fullness of sound. In terms of sound quality, responsiveness of touch and value our Model 120 CL sets new standards.
This model is also available with the Silent-Piano Option. For more information please klick here: Silent Piano
Freedom for our sound!
Freedom for our sound!

88 keys Length: 4’11” Width: 2’2” Height: 3’11”
Net weight: 578 lbs/262 kg


Choice of veneers, colours and finishes
Sound release system

Key features

The most affordable Bösendorfer
Grand piano grade material
Austrian spruce soundboard
5 Austrian spruce backposts
Solid Austrian spruce key bed
Bösendorfer hand made bass strings
Agraffes for the entire 88 notes,which give a much more accurate string length for a purer sound
Long keys give superb responsiveness of touch
Elegant cabinet
3 pedals
Made in Austria by our expert craftsmen