Bosendorfer Model 225


The Semi Concert Grand – Unique sound

After the success of the 290 Imperial, Bösendorfer started the production of this semi concert grand piano. This model was of course made entirely in the tradition of Bösendorfer . It immediately had a remarkable success as a performance instrument; a success that is well founded. Its design and size allowa wealth of tonal colours all the way from sensitive pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.It also benefits from extra keys in the bass: four keys to subcontra F.

Model 225
Model 225
Extended bass range to bottom F

These additional bass strings expand the tonal range and create additional,harmonic resonances throughout the whole instrument, opening up a unique,almost orchestral sound spectrum. This helps explain the popularity of themodel 225 as the best chamber music and solo instrument in its class. This semi concert grand does not necessarily require a stage, as it can also sound wonderful in your home.

92 keys Length: 7’4″, Width: 5’25”, Net weight: 924 lb/419 kg

CEUS. Chrome finish. Choice of veneers,colours and finishes