Bosendorfer Model 200


For Music Lovers and Professionals- The Classic

For over 50 years the Model 200 has been one of our most popular and widely used models. Its sound and dynamics unfold in a concert hall as well as in your living room. One could write a great deal about its outstanding build quality, its stability and durability. There are many facets that characterize this piano unmistakably as a Bösendorfer. It is also its smooth, easy to control and very responsive action that makes it so popular, and for music schools and conservatories so attractive. But surely above all it’s the sound – that famous, inspiring Bösendorfer sound.
At our Bösendorfer Saal in Mozarthaus, Vienna, you can experience a 200 in concert.

Model 200
Model 200
A masterpiece with timeless popularity

88 keys Length: 6’7″, Width: 4’11”, Net weight: 778 lb/353 kg

Ceus. Conservatory Series. Disklavier E3 (USA, Canada only). Chrome finish. Choice of veneers, colours and finishes.